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Many home owners opt for heat pumps in the winter. They all are well aware that they are efficient, effective and versatile. These units are both wintertime and summertime options making them a convenient option for your home. Besides their benefits, they can still get into some type of problems at any point in time.

They need repairs to work properly and you should schedule repairs at once if you see any type of problem. Doing so will prevent it from getting into a bigger problem. So as a house owner, you should be aware of some common types of repairs related to your heat pump unit.

So, lets’ get started…………….

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is required for the operation of a system in both winter and summer. So when you see any leak, you can expect some type of issues. If there is a leak in the refrigerant line, then it is meant that there isn’t enough refrigerant that can absorb or transfer heat which can lead to further damage to the compressor. So to retain your comfort, it is essential to get it checked immediately.

Icing on the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor coil is where heat is released in the winter and absorbed in the summer. It is quite common in winter that a layer of frost can develop on the outdoor unit. So to remove this layer, your heat pump should run a defrost cycle to get rid of this ice build-up. Otherwise, this icing can block the unit leading to other issues. This issue must be repaired because it can put a lot of strain on the unit itself.    

Reversing Valve       

The reversing valve is what allows the heat pump to reverse the flow of the refrigerant. It gives you the ability to switch between the heating mode and the cooling mode. What happens sometimes is that this valve gets failed down and ends up stuck in one position. So when this happens, then you can’t switch between the heating mode and cooling mode. So whenever this type of heat pump repair problem arises, then contact the expert.

These are the most common type of heat pump repairs required at any stage of the system functioning. As a house owner, you should take care of your unit and resolve all these issues by repairing your unit on time.

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