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Do HVAC Systems Eco-friendly and Are They Safe to Use?

Have you ever heard about eco-friendly HVAC systems? Yes, modern HVAC systems are eco-friendly because they are safe to use than compared to the air-conditioning systems used a few years ago. Coming to the point, you should know that it was a time when air-conditioning systems were believed to be harmful to our environment because, at that time, the chemical compound used as the refrigerant was causing damage to the Ozone Layer of the Earth. But talking as of now, the refrigerant used in modern HVAC systems is much safer than the one used a few years ago.

In case if you are still using an air-conditioning system that utilizes the R-22 to control the indoor temperature, then immediately contact the technicians of HVAC Repair Fort Lauderdale for the retrofitting of your appliance. It is because if you are using the R-22 based HVAC system, then you are causing harm to our environment. Therefore, we advise you to hire the professionals of HVAC Repair Fort Lauderdale as it is now possible to replace R-22 with a safer refrigerant R-410A and this process is called retrofitting.

Let’s have a look at what happened to such air-conditioning systems in which R-22 was used as the refrigerant.

R-22 was invented in 1928 and at that time, it was believed to be a safe alternative, but a few decades later, scientists discovered that the chlorine present in the Freon was damaging the Ozone Layer. Since the depletion of the Ozone Layer is a serious issue, it was decided to phase out R-22 and it had to be done in four steps in order to avoid economic losses to the public and private sectors.

1. It was decided to put a ban on the production of R-22 after 1st January 2010, except for the servicing of existing equipment.
2. After 1st January 2015, F-22 was available only for the servicing of existing refrigeration equipment.
3. Only recycled R-22 will be available for the servicing of existing appliances after 1st January 2020.
4. There will be a complete ban on the production, import, and use of R-22 refrigerant after 1st January 2030.

So, make sure your air conditioner is utilizing R410A for controlling the indoor temperature.

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