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Two Signs to Know about Air Ducts Leakage

Although, the leakage is itself a big issue when found in any fitting in the house and when it is found in the air ducts, it is no less than a scream of utmost disapproval of why the ducts got leaked? Whatsoever is the reason of the occurrence of the issue, you left nothing than to deal with it as it comes along with the the execution of your daily scheduled activities. It is estimated that 10% of the air supply is lost because of the air duct leakages that throws a negative impact on the amount of the energy consumption as well. Dealing with this issue really comes as a surprise all of sudden, but there are a few signs knowing about them earlier can somehow let you know about the presence of an air duct leakage for which you can take measures in resolving the issue as early as possible. Read the blog where air duct cleaning Fort Lauderdale has mentioned few such signs.

Uneven Temperature

If the ducts have leakage then conditioned air can escape to the outdoors and can be restrained from reaching the right space around your house. So whenever you feel like you have weak airflow in the house or the conditioned air is exiting the vents then you should assume it as one of the most possible reasons of leaking ducts.

Indoor Quality is not Appropriate

Do you find the humidity issues at home sometimes? If so, then it is also because of the air duct leakage which because of the humidity now can result in the mold growth in the house. The leakage problem gives rise to humidity which affects the health of your family members making them finding difficulty in breathing as the inside air is contaminated.

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