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Like any other machine, if your heat pump runs constantly, then certainly it is a matter of concern. Sometimes house owners give it a thought and sometimes they just ignore it. In any case, you are not willing to find out what exactly is causing it to function in this way? Heat pump is a useful machine, especially when the cold temperatures have set in due to which you don’t any option other than to rely upon it. So if any problems arises related to it, then it should be resolved instantly.

Without further ado, let’s figure it out what’s causing it to run without stopping, or more precisely, the reasons behind this issue. Heat pump repair Fort Lauderdale service has tried its best in stating few very obvious reasons below in this blog.

Thermostat is not Set Correctly

When you set the thermostat too high in winter and too low in summer, it causes the heat pump to run without any breaks. It happens because it tries hard to keep up with the temperature. So try to set the thermostat at correct temperature to resolve the issue.

Is Your Air Filter Clean?

If you want your heat pump to run effectively and efficiently, it should have clean filters. Otherwise, it will not be able to give proper clean air and also if the filters are clogged, it will try to run unnecessarily to settle more comfort in your home. With normal tune-up session, this problem can be reduced and fewer problems will arise.

Condensate Pump

If the condensate pump is unplugged, then the heat pump will not work the way it should work. It will face issue while functioning. This could also be one of the issues behind your heat pump running continuously. Just fix this issue by checking upon the condensate pump whether it is functioning properly or not.

The above stated reasons could be the most obvious reasons behind a heat pump running constantly, but there may be a few other reasons as well. So whenever your machine is not stopping and running unnecessarily, the first thing you should do is to get it repaired from a professional immediately.


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