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5 Crucial Reasons to Decide a New Air Conditioning Installation

Do you know the time and reasons for which you need an air conditioning installation? Get acquainted here. There are at least 5 reasons to decide on new air conditioner installation.  The life of normal AC units is approximately ten years. But if you have a unit that’s over eight years old and you’re looking for costly repair bills or extortionate energy costs then it’s time to consider a new installation.

  • Energy Efficiency
    Your older units have the SEER rating of 9. However with a new installation the rating you get is approximately 14. This can help you with reduced bills. Higher number of rating means more energy efficiency and more savings consequently.
  • WarrantyYour older units usually cost higher in maintenance and repair as well. They’ve often live longer than their warranties thus making it less reasonable to replace parts. Then what?These days R22 Freon is being phased out. In fact in all cooling equipment manufactured today R410A is used which is mostly for the environmental concerns. Total air conditioner replacement to a new one will be the only option with a new warranty. So why wait!
  • Environmental FriendlinessSome new air conditioners are modularly designed, permitting the units to be taken apart for easy cleaning, repairs and tuning. Easier access implies that less time is required that make labor costs lower.Moreover the newer air conditioning units can be disassembled very easily. So these can quickly be prepared for recycling. Nearly 85% of materials are completely recyclable. Some even have long-life wash-and-reuse filters.
  • Indoor Air QualityPollution isn’t an outdoor problem only. Indoor air quality can be negotiated by smoke, radon, mildew, and chemicals and further. As we all know poor indoor air quality has been proven to be a very real and serious health hazardous. With an all new installation manage your health well as there is no risk of poor air quality then.
  • Relaxed LifeJust get rid of emergency repair risks as older units can anytime break down making your stay uncomfortable. Relaxed life is then assuring.Proper and professional installation is an absolute requirement in order to achieve the maximum performance from your new unit

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