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Explore How AC Filter Affects Air Conditioner Performance

Air filters are surely not the most significant part of an air conditioner on the grounds that their only function is to prevent dust particles from entering your home. Yes, they only filter the conditioned air so that dust particles present don’t enter your room. However, for an uninterrupted air-conditioning experience, they need to be cleaned at regular intervals. In simple terms, while filtering the air, AC filters get clogged with dirt and debris, which eventually obstructs the airflow. Ignoring the presence of dust on air filters sometimes leads to such a situation when you might need AC repair Fort Lauderdale services.

According to the experts of AC repair Fort Lauderdale, you should clean air filters twice a month. This will definitely have a positive impact on the performance of your air conditioning system. Normal air filters are required to be replaced every 3-4 months because they become excessively dirty over this period. Always use top-quality filters as they can affect AC performance positively. Let’s explore how AC filter affects air conditioner performance in order to find out why using high-quality filters is must.

  • Too much dust on the AC filter obstructs the airflow, forcing the air conditioner to work harder than usual. As a result, chances of a sudden breakdown are higher in that case due to excessive pressure on the system. Considering this, there’s nothing wrong in saying that top-notch filters can protect your air-conditioning system from unnecessary pressure.
  • It’s normal for an air conditioner to lose its efficiency when filters are clogged with dirt and debris. In short, it is highly unlikely for an AC unit to cool your home at a good speed if the filters are covered with excessive dust. So, for a faster cooling speed, AC filters need to be kept clean as much as possible.
  • If you aren’t cleaning filters regularly, you will soon start experiencing the presence of harmful allergens in your home. Yes, the allergens present in the outdoor air will soon contaminate the indoor air in that case. Thus, for a better air-conditioning experience, it’s crucial to use top-quality filters and clean them regularly.

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