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Explore Why You Need to Replace R22 With R410a Immediately

There’s a chemical compound in electric air conditioners that absorbs the heat from one place and releases into another place. This chemical compound is generally known as the refrigerant without which, it’s impossible for an air conditioner to provide the desired temperature in any given place. A couple of decades ago, R-22 (Freon) was the most popular refrigerant and used in almost all the cooling systems. But since it was discovered that it’s damaging the ozone layer of Earth, experts decided to initiate a phase-out process for R-22. So, if you’re still using an R-22 based cooling system, immediately call the professionals of AC repair Fort Lauderdale for the retrofitting of your air conditioner.

What’s the Retrofitting Process Actually Mean?

It is the process of replacing the refrigerant of an air conditioning system, basically with a better one. Yes, it’s possible to replace R22 with an eco-friendly and more efficient refrigerant R410a. Talking as of now, R410a is the best refrigerant that can be used in almost all types of cooling system. But you should let the experts of AC repair Fort Lauderdale perform the task of retrofitting the refrigerant of your air conditioner.

You should also know that R-22 will be sold only to licensed technicians after 2020. This will certainly have an impact on its price, which is why R410a is a better alternative. Let’s have a look at the key benefits of replacing R-22 with R410a.

  • R410 is more energy-efficient than R-22, which means you’ll be experiencing the desired cooling comfort at lower power bills. In short, you’ll soon recover the money you spend on retrofitting services.
  • It is eco-friendly and doesn’t cause harm to our environment. On the other hand, people using r-22 based cooling system are responsible for the damage to the ozone layer of the Earth.
  • R-22 will not be available, even for repairs after the given time. So, it’s better to replace r-22 with R-410 as soon as possible, in order to enjoy uninterrupted cooling comfort.

Now you know why you should stop using r-22 refrigerant to cool your home. You may consult with an expert to explore more benefits of R410a.

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