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How to Resolve Uneven Cooling?

Many a times there seems that some rooms or areas in your home are not cooling efficiently or you are not satisfied with the way they get cold. Well! It’s not a situation to settle for in summers, instead its uneven cooling that is happening because of your air conditioner and can be resolved by consulting an expert from AC repair Fort Lauderdale service. Well! For your better clarification, read the blog below as it has described few reasons that are generally found responsible in uneven cooling and measures that can be used to fix them.

Not so Effective Temperature Control

In large or multi-story buildings thermostat is not so effective in making all the areas cool and relaxing. The temperature we want from the thermostat is hardly achieved and thus uneven cooling takes place. This situation can be very well handled by the expert of an AC system who will make the provisions of controlling the entire building centrally and applying a dedicated thermostat to each zone in the ductwork to maintain the desired temperature.

Problem in Air Flow Circulation

There are few issues that make your system not to work efficiently and cause uneven cooling. Some common issues are poor ductwork, damaged ducts or some other type of malfunctioning in air conditioner that cause temperature to vary and create problems of uneven cooling. The best way to address this issue is to call an expert and let him check the underlying cause that is causing such temperature variations and making the air flow disturbed. The expert might recommend some fixes which can help you achieve the results and provide better cooling effect.


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