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Learn How Can You Troubleshoot a Thermostat?

Summers not only joyful, but they make living miserable sometimes and the main causes of it remain high temperature, humidity and heat waves. But in spite of this entire situation, do you ever realize that if you want the exact temperature reading then how can you achieve this? Well! It is simple just make sure that your home is equipped with a functional thermostat which help the homeowners in letting them know about the accurate temperature reading. Ok! Now this was all about the advantages which a thermostat gives you, but what about the situation when your house isn’t getting cool enough and getting warmer? Well! This type of situation arises when your thermostat has encountered with any issues and the solution for this is to know few tips for troubleshooting the thermostat which AC repair Fort Lauderdale has mentioned in this blog.

Checking the Thermostat Settings

Now, this is an obvious troubleshooting tip, which you as a homeowner should always try to check first. The first step is to check that the thermostat is set to cool mode and not to heat mode. This mistake is natural that you somehow in a hurry or at night just switch it to heat mode, especially when the settings are adjacent to each other. Beside this, also take a look on the circuit breaker of the air conditioner whether it is set ON or OFF. Now, after confirming all the settings are set correctly then the next step is to lower the temperature 5 to 10 degrees than what it actually is outside. After doing this, wait for another 10 minutes and still if you sense that your house is not getting cooler then you should immediately make a call to the expert of AC repair Fort Lauderdale.

Diagnose the Wiring

Even if your thermostat is not giving appropriate results after checking its settings, then most probably there has something gone wrong with the internal wiring. Now if you want to check the wiring yourself then please make sure about your safety, firstly turn OFF the power at the circuit breaker. Wear safety boots and should use insulated screwdriver while checking the wiring of the thermostat. Find out if the wiring needs replacement and make sure that each wire is attached to its mounting screw. If you find any wire loose then tighten it with the help of a screwdriver.

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