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Restricted Airflow in Your Home? Here Are the Causes

If you want to circulate cool air supply in your home, then your system must be in a condition to do so. But when your unit isn’t able to circulate the cool air, then it is your AC system that is not working fine. This is happening because of some performance problems in your air conditioner. Well! Nothing to worry as AC repair Fort Lauderdale service has mentioned causes behind the restricted airflow from your AC unit.

Clogged Air Filters

The most obstructed cause of airflow is the air filters of your cooling unit. If you don’t change the filters on time, then your filters will be clogged with dust, dirt and contamination that will automatically clog your air filters not to work properly. This in turn will affect the circulation of the air in your house. Clogged air filters will worsen indoor air quality.


The blower of the indoor air handler pushes the cool air in your home, so if the motor is wearing down or if the dust and dirt gets build-up on the fan blades, this can make the operation of the motor slow and unsteady. This in turn will make you not feel cool air coming out of the AC system. So this will definitely require the AC unit to be repaired through a professional.

Ductwork Issues

The issues pertaining to your ductwork unit can cause poor airflow. It could be a leak that can cause the cool air to escape and in turn don’t cause the cool air to circulate all over the home properly. This in turn will affect comfort and relaxation, and also your AC unit will work unnecessarily harder than before. Other issues could be the set-up of the ductwork unit itself.


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