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Significant Difference Between an Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier

The air conditioner and dehumidifier are quite similar in many ways but here AC repair Fort Lauderdale will discuss what exactly is the difference that differentiates both of them. An air conditioner is basically used to cool the air while a dehumidifier removes moisture from the air. Though an air conditioner used for removing moisture from the air and circulates cool air all around the house, but this is not the primary function of the AC unit and can’t be considered as a fully operational dehumidifier. The AC unit can’t really remove humidity from the air as compared to a dehumidifier. So here in this blog, AC repair Fort Lauderdale has described about both an air conditioner and a dehumidifier.

AC Unit

The air conditioning unit is more of cooling the air and this can be seen when the AC system render upper levels of temperatures, but this also don’t make the humid basements cooler and comfortable. Do you know the reason why does it happen? Well! It happens because the AC unit spreads cool air all around the house, but it is not that capable to remove humidity from the air and thus let the basement stay moist. You may notice at times a slight improvement in the humid conditions, but then an AC unit is not used to tackle high humid conditions like that of a basement.


The dehumidifier takes out the moist air and cool the temperature and avoid having condensation. The dehumidifier takes out the moisture from the air and let it collect in a bucket which is emptied manually. This system will not expel heat out of its condenser unit outside the building, in fact, the air is again reheated and then thrown out of the system. So this way, the dehumidifier effectively dehumidifies the air.


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