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Some Easy Solutions to Uneven Cooling

It becomes uncomfortable when you sense that one part of the house remains cool while the other part is not that cooler or is warm. It gets really irritable to even think of a solution as there are many solutions and it becomes hard to pick the best solutions for your house. You may also call upon the air conditioning services to let the house diagnosed properly but still, there are few useful solutions which you can do in order to control uneven cooling. Here in this blog, AC repair Fort Lauderdale service has described few such solutions for you to opt to resolve an uneven cooling issue.

Check Vents

Though you might first think of checking at vents a small solution but blocking off the vents is sometimes the main cause of the uneven cooling. So thoroughly check the vents and make sure that they are not blocked and make sure that not any of the vents are closed. Most of the times the house-owners close the vents to save money but this is what causes uneven cooling as the unit relies on the air pressure.

Check Air Filters

The dirty air filters are another issue that sometimes makes the most probable reason behind uneven cooling. So as a careful house owner you should always check your filters at least once or twice in two or three months so that dirty air filters should not decrease the efficiency of the air conditioner and let cool all the areas evenly.


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