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Some Significant Safety Tips to Protect Against Coronavirus

This is a stressful time and all are worried about this deadly virus which is called Coronavirus. Medical teams and doctors are doing well to invent some sort of vaccinations. And hopefully everything will be fine. But up till then, you should follow some safety tips using which you can at least get away from this deadly virus. For your information, here in this blog, AC repair Fort Lauderdale has listed out a few tips.

    • Wash your hands in 20 seconds after you have come from a public place.
    • Don’t touch your eyes and nose with unwashed hands.
    • Work from home if you are not feeling well.
    • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue and ten throw away in a trash.
    • Keep the house clean and furniture disinfect.
    • Try to wear a mask if you are in a public place.
    • Avoid going into crowded areas and gatherings.
    • Use soap and detergent to clean surfaces.
    • Keep a supply of food staples and other household items.
    • Stay informed about public health and other communities.
    • Take care of your children and elderly member of your home.
    • Take precaution to maintain a distance between you and other people.
    • Help your family member and neighbours in case if they need some help.

Make sure that you stay informed about the latest updates related to coronavirus and do keep yourself upgraded related to any news and safety measures taken against coronavirus.

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