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Want To Know About Blower Fan? Know it From AC Repair Fort Lauderdale

Have you ever peeped inside the air conditioner to check what exactly is rotating? You must have done it at least once to know it. Isn’t it? Well! It is nothing but your very own blower fan which is responsible for blowing the air to the duct system which further allows the distribution of air inside your home to be evenly distributed in all the corners. Blower fan is not the only component of an air conditioner that strives its best in keeping you cool, there are other components as well, which are equally responsible for giving you a cooling atmosphere, but still it is good to know some important things about blower fan that will help you in keeping the healthy state of your old air conditioner or if you are buying a new air conditioner. So read the blog further and learn two very important points about blower fan which are furnished by AC repair Fort Lauderdale for you.

Only Fan is Not making you Cooler

Though it is obvious that you feel cooler if standing in front of the blower fan of an air conditioner or standing under the ceiling fan, but that is only felt because of air moves over you and it evaporates the sweat from your skin. However, the fan is lowering the temperature of the room, actually, there is a whole mechanism which is running behind it to make the room cool and comfortable and that is nothing but the refrigerant and heat exchange process which actually removes heat from the home.

Leaving Fan all Day Long is Not Appropriate

So you think that leaving the thermostat in fan only mode could actually make your home cooler. If you think so, then it is a misconception as AC unit removes heat and humidity from the air, but leaving the fan throughout the day would bring humidity and heat back again into the air and thus make your home hot and humid. So run the blower fan only when AC system is ON else there is no need.

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