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What Does the Filter in an Air Conditioner Do?

We have heard so many times that air conditioners are very complicated appliances and require proper maintenance. Yes, it’s true that air conditioning systems require more maintenance than any other electrical home appliance. Almost every single part of an air-conditioning system is important and therefore you need to maintain the whole system.

The user’s negligence is responsible for a sudden AC malfunctioning in most cases, and you might even need to hire AC repair Fort Lauderdale services in that case. Here in this blog, we are discussing the importance of AC filters, and we’ll also understand how to maintain them.

Basic Function of Air Filters: The conditioned air passes through the filter before entering your room. This is to prevent dust particles and other harmful allergens from entering the indoor atmosphere. In short, blocking dust particles from entering an air-conditioned room is the only function of AC filters. It is normal for air filters to become filthy after a certain time period, and this is the time when you should either clean them or replace them.

How to Clean the Filters: A normal brush should be used in a gentle way to get rid of dirt and debris present on filters. You can yourself clean the filters, but be cautious while doing so. Don’t use the same air filters for more than 4 months as they become excessively dirty after 3 or 4 months. Replacing the AC filter isn’t a difficult task if you have the basic knowledge about this.

Let’s now discuss the problems caused due to filthy air filters, which may even force you to call the technicians of AC repair Fort Lauderdale.

  • High power consumption is one of the most common AC problems and generally caused due to the clogged air filters. If you don’t clean the AC filter regularly, you will definitely need to pay high electricity bills.
  • An air conditioner, with filthy filters, takes a longer time to provide the desired temperature.
  • Excessive dirt and debris on air filters are responsible for an unbalanced indoor temperature, which is an annoying situation.
  • Longer functioning means your appliance will be working harder than normal, which may result in a sudden breakdown.

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