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AC is Blowing Hard Air? But Why?

Nothing is as irritating as sitting at home and having hard air from the air conditioner and that too in the scorching heat of summer. This is actually surprising that air conditioner blows hard air and you end up finding answers by asking your friends and other people who have just got their systems repaired. However, instead of staying confused and doubtful, it’s always better to know most of the common reasons of AC blowing hard air and take necessary necessary steps.

Outdoor Unit not Maintained Properly

Always keep a check on the outdoor unit and see if there is anything blocking the condenser unit because most of the times, the dirt, dust and debris blocks the condenser coils air flow and cause the AC blowing hard air which impacts the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. So, the best solution of this problem is to timely clean the condenser coils and let it remain clean especially in the summer time.

Low Refrigerant

A refrigerant is an important thing that lets the air conditioner to cool the home. The refrigerant leaks can trouble you to experience a hard air in the torrid summer months and complete loss of the cold air. So as an owner, you should keep a check on the amount of the refrigerant as well as on the leaks of the refrigerant. So the best way when you find refrigerant leaks is to take the professional assistance.

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