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Summer heat could be devastating; even the thought can give you goose bumps. Just imagine if in reality, you would have to survive without an air conditioner, then how scary would it that be? Keeping up a check on the condition of the air conditioner at all times is the key to having sound and cool summers.

Anyway, it is still a machine and can go out of order because of one or the other components going faulty. One such component could be the blower motor, parts like compressor, air filters, condenser, and coils are often talked about. But today, the AC repair Fort Lauderdale service will share some insights on how to know if your AC blower motor has gone faulty or not? Or, more precisely, what are the major signs it throws when it is about to fail.

Strange Sounds

Have you heard sounds like squealing, grinding, or buzzing type? If ever heard it, then it is most probably coming from your blower motor. Once you hear these sounds, immediately check the bearings of the motor because sometimes when bearings fails down result in these strange sounds.


Another sign of a failed blower motor is when it becomes overheated and feels hot to touch. This happens because of the build-up of dirt and dust overtime on the coils of the motor. Failing to clear off dirt could result in causing the motor to overheat and eventually it will fail down.

Unable to Shut Off

Now when your blower motor isn’t shutting off even after reaching the thermostat temperature could be because of a faulty relay switch or electrical short in the motor itself. Well! In any case, you should think about a motor replacement.


There could be more signs depending upon which brand of AC system you are owing. But the signs mentioned above by AC repair Fort Lauderdale service are pretty common and are often found when the blower motor is about to go out of order. It can be concluded that taking good care and timely repairs of the whole AC system will not save your AC machine from failure, but will also keep all its parts in good working condition.


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